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14 October 2015

pmc qb1xd a

British reference loudspeaker manufacturer PMC announces the brand new addition to the QB1-A Active Reference Monitor range. The QB1-XBD-A is a statement monitor that both looks the part and has what PMC says is the best power and resolution they’ve put in a product. The impetus for the design coming from specific high-profile PMC clients, the model on show at AES New York can be seen and heard in PMC’s Masters of Audio room (room 15) and will go into full production in 2016.

To create the QB1-XBD-A, PMC has re-engineered its flagship QB1-A Active main studio monitor, which was launched last year and has already been installed at Capitol Studios in Los Angeles and the University of Westminster in London. For this new version, PMC has added a further cabinet (the XBD) per channel. This contains four identical piston drivers, each driven by four 1000W independent, Class D, power amplifiers, which gives a total of 8825W of ultra-clean power per channel.

Although power handling is massively increased, the new QB1-XBD-A maintains PMC’s internationally acclaimed reputation for accuracy, transparency and clarity. The latest iteration of the company’s Advanced Transmission Line (ATL) bass-loading technology ensures a faithful low-frequency response down to 20Hz, while cutting-edge on-board DSP provides driver unit optimisation, EQ and sophisticated crossover networks.

PMC’s QB1-A range has its roots in the observation by the company’s design team that there were no large-scale active studio monitors on the market taking advantage of the latest developments in loudspeaker driver analysis and design and DSP-aided control. This starting point, coupled with PMC’s own extensive research into driver performance, using opto-acoustic laser inferometry at the UK’s National Physical Laboratory (NPL), aided and honed the design of the QB1-A.

At AES New York, PMC’s new QB1-XBD-A monitors will be shown as part of a 9.1 immersive sound surround system for high resolution audio surround presentations. Among the events already scheduled for the Masters of Audio room is an AES presentation on 9.1 surround sound, a presentation by legendary mastering engineer Vlado Meller, a Blu Ray Album launch presentation from Sono Luminus (Dan Shores/Morten Lindberg/Stephan Bock)  and a presentation from Ozark Henry (mixed by Ronald Prent/mastered by Darcy Proper for Auro 3D).

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Issue 91