9 January 2017


NAMM 2017 sees PMS add two high-end speakers to its Main Monitor Range. The new MB3 and BB6 are ultra-high-res active monitors with digital and analogue inputs, designed for freestanding of soffit-mounted use in recording, mixing, mastering and outside broadcast applications.

Both monitors have PMC’s 34mm soft-dome tweeter and 75mm fabric mid-range driver couples with the Radian LF driver built specifically for PMC’s ATL (Advanced Transmission Line) designs.

The exposed skeleton design of the LF drivers helps dissipate unwanted heat so they can be driven for longer periods without affecting definition. Both MB3 and BB6 models are available as single- or twin-cabinet versions, with the latter providing smoother in-room response and 3dB more headroom. Dedicated centre-channel versions are available for multi-channel systems. PMC’s Control 1200 and Power 2400 Class D amplifiers give plenty of headroom.

“All of our reference monitors have to satisfy these important criteria,” explains Oliver Thomas, Head of Design at PMC. “They’re precision tools which are relied on in all analytical audio applications, and we truly believe that they allow everyone to work faster, better, and with complete confidence. But these technical aspects, their high resolution and complete neutrality also ensure that all the emotion of a performance is translated to the listener. So these are loudspeakers for the heart and mind. They offer supreme tonal accuracy, detail and translatability, but also musicality and the power to move you — physically and emotionally.”

More info:
PMC: www.pmc-speakers.com
Australian Distributor: www.interdyn.com.au


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