PMC Launches New Monitor Range

"Highest possible resolution with the lowest possible colouration" was PMC's goal for new near- and mid-field monitor range.


21 September 2021

UK loudspeaker manufacturer PMC launches a new and exciting line of compact near-and midfield monitors for audio professionals working in stereo and large scale immersive formats.

The line consists of the PMC6, PMC6-2, and PMC8-2, along with their associated subwoofers the PMC8 SUB and PMC8-2 SUB. These monitors, which replace the company’s existing twotwo Series, have the same sound signature as PMC’s main monitor products and hence complement them well.

The creation of PMC’s new range is the result of a holistic approach to loudspeaker design, in which the company has recognised and addressed the impact all parts of the monitor has on its overall performance. PMC started from the ground up to deliver on the goal of “highest possible resolution with the lowest possible colouration”. Among the innovations PMC has incorporated are all-new drivers, new DSP and Class-D amplifiers, as well as significant improvements to the company’s proprietary ATL bass-loading and Laminair air flow technologies.

The low frequency extension of the new designs belies the cabinet dimension due to advancements in both woofer and ATL bass loading technology. These are scalable systems that can easily grow to suit the end user’s requirements. The active subs can be seamlessly combined with the monitors to create one of PMC’s unique twin-cabinet XBD systems that deliver extended bass and dynamics. Alternatively, they can be used as stand-alone LF monitors for sub channels. Future proofing has also been engineered into every model with advancements such as an expansion card slot for planned future signal interfacing options.

When it comes to configuration, PMC has paid close attention to making this as straightforward as possible via menu-driven controls on the rear panel, or through the company’s SOUNDALIGN network interface. Accessed through wired connections to any standard network via any web-browser on a PC, Mac or Tablet, SOUNDALIGN’s digital connectivity allows users to individually control each monitor or set them up in defined groups ideal for large scale immersive systems.

PMC is now taking pre orders for all models in the new range.


PMC: pmcspeakers.com
Australian Distributor: interdyn.com.au

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