29 January 2016

neutrik xirium pro cable replacement system

Neutrik has released a Xirium Pro — a professional multichannel wireless network system designed as a cable replacement solution. The Xirium Pro system utilises DIWA (Digital Wireless Audio) technology within the 5GHz frequency band, so no licences required. It allows you to set up audio connector networks in which sources and receiving units can be integrated wirelessly at distances up to 1000m line of sight.

The Xirium Pro transmitters can be mounted to rigging etc. using a single clamp. The accept audio via analogue, digital or Dante signals from the console, and are powered via powerCON TRUE1 connectors. All signals are sample accurate with no ‘slippage’ in signal timing.

The Xirium Pro modules send and receive uncompressed data with an audio resolution of 24-bit/48kHz, 20Hz-20kHz, within the 5GHz band at a latency of 3ms. Repeaters can be set up in addition to the transmitter/receiver pairs for more coherent signal transmission and less likelihood of phasing effects from reflections. Repeater units are also helpful to get signal around barriers that obstruct line of sight between transmitters and receivers.

An app for iOS/Android is available to optimise a Xirium Pro system, and monitor audio streams and Xirium Pro devices. The app also allow configuration of Xirium Pro systems, with control over transmission power, device naming, receiver/transmitter pairing and grouping, as well as readouts of battery status, channel number, signal level and more.

Xirium Pro is designed exclusively for the North American market.

More info:
Neutrik: www.neutrik.us
Australian Distributor: www.nationalaudio.com.au


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