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Put Some COBALT in Your Pocket

COBALT is a high-channel count, pocket-sized USB3 audio protocol converter.


14 February 2024

Midas has introduced COBALT, the first of several new ground-breaking products to be launched by Midas Consoles. COBALT is a revolutionary, high-channel count, pocket-sized USB3 audio protocol converter that redefines convenience and versatility in the realm of live audio recording.

Consolidating Midas’ position of innovative creation and leadership in the live industry, COBALT was debuted at the recent ISE 2024 trade show with attendees extremely excited about the new product launch. If that wasn’t enough, COBALT won in this year’s Best of Show awards at ISE 2024 in the Mix category.

The awards recognise the very best products and solutions on display at ISE 2024, with hundreds of products and solutions considered, it was recognised for its diverse features, seamless integration, value, and groundbreaking uniqueness.

COBALT is designed with sound engineers in mind. It is more than just a USB converter; it is a game-changing solution that combines power, portability, and connectivity for those seeking professional-grade recording without breaking the bank.

COBALT is an incredibly powerful tool, despite its compact size it provides an unparalleled recording experience, users can record and virtual soundcheck up to 192 channels all through a single Neutrik locking USB C connection, direct into PC or Mac. This not only streamlines the set-up but also allows audio professionals to carry a powerhouse of functionality right in their pockets.

The built-in Sample Rate Converters further elevate COBALT’s capabilities, enabling operation at either 48kHz or 96kHz without compromising the channel count. This flexibility is crucial for those who demand high-quality audio without sacrificing compatibility, proving a new pinnacle for audio consoles.

With its built-in Ethernet tunnel, COBALT allows direct communication to a variety of audio applications such as Reaper via protocols such at OSC, expanding its compatibility with different ecosystems for the diverse demands of modern audio production. This feature will ensure that engineers can seamlessly integrate COBALT into their existing setups allowing them to navigate the complexities of audio production with ease.

COBALT is a transformative tool that amplifies creativity and efficiency, emphasising Midas’ ongoing commitment to supplying cutting-edge solutions for the ever-evolving landscape of professional audio.


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