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The 3rd generation of silent, straight phone plug.


11 May 2023

NEUTRIK has announced the debut of the third generation of its silentPLUG Series with the introduction of the new NP2XX-SILENT straight plugs. Designed to be easier to handle and better protected against impact, it has a housing that offers an upgraded, shock resistant and slip proof design, and is equipped with soft grip zones in its two-component housing.

silentPLUG operates via a spring-loaded, retracting ring on the plug finger that connects to an internal reed switch. When the ring is in its forward position, with no instrument plugged in, the reed switch shorts the tip and sleeve contacts. In this mode, no signal passes. This avoids the pops, hum, squeals, and other noises that occur when plugging an instrument into an amplifier input.

Once the plug is nearly completely inserted into the instrument’s jack, the ring begins to retract, becoming fully retracted as the plug seats into the jack. At that point, the reed switch un-shorts the tip and sleeve contacts, allowing signal to pass normally.

silentPLUG is designed to be as easy to solder onto cables as other Neutrik plugs, simply prepare the cable, then solder the centre conductor and shield contacts.

Fred Morgenstern, VP Technology for Neutrik Americas, says, “silentPLUG is used widely on top international tours by the biggest stars as well as in countless hometown venues and studios. Electric guitarists and bassists, plus their sound engineers, appreciate how silentPLUG allows them to connect and disconnect their instruments noiselessly without having to hassle with muting their amplifiers and other inputs. The two-compound housing of the new XX series silentPLUG inherits the design language and technology of the XX series speakON 2- and 4-pole and powerCON blue/grey cable connectors. Its improved shock resistance and durability keep the plug’s internal reed switch mechanism well protected. The new black-and-red colour scheme continues the tradition of using red as a distinctive silentPLUG identifier while bringing the design forward into the 2020s.”


Neutrik: neutrik.us
Australian Distributor: ambertech.com.au

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