NAMM 2024: EAW LA Series Speakers

The LA Series is a 2-way, self-powered loudspeaker in a portable and lightweight package.


15 December 2023

In addition to its large line array systems and subs at NAMM 2024 (Demo Room 17104), Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) is also showcasing LA Series, a 2-way, self-powered loudspeaker featuring EAW’s signature performance in a portable and lightweight package. The LA Series supports events that are often geared towards pole mounted deployments, such as small to medium live shows, weddings, corporate events, restaurants, bars and clubs.

Designed around high-quality transducers, the LA Series consists of four models, the 12” LA121 and LA123, and the 15” LA151 and LA153. Performance versions LA123 and LA153 utilize a 3” voice coil compression driver providing higher output, crisper highs and clearer vocals. All four models weigh less than 50 pounds individually and the asymmetric pattern of the horn maintains high frequency directivity where required, eliminating unwanted reflections in the venue.

“NAMM is a great crowd to showcase our range of solutions – from large arena applications to smaller venues, which is where the LA Series shines,” says TJ Smith, president of Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW). “Most active 2-way loudspeakers on the market prioritize processing and mixer features, but these technologies are already owned by most live sound companies. The LA Series loudspeakers represent a shift in focus, as it is an investment maximized around transducers and simple deployment instead.”

Setup is streamlined for the LA Series, the XLR in and loop output simplifies wiring by allowing multiple loudspeakers to daisy chain. It is also designed with a mic/line switch, allowing the loudspeaker to be used in simple setups where only the amplification of a single microphone is required. Its TRS input provides flexibility with different external mixers and processors, eliminating the need for adapters. Performance versions of the LA Series utilize Neutrik PowerCon in and loop through for secure connection to the mains’ source.

The lightweight and durable enclosure has been meticulously designed to eliminate any resonance within and houses on-board bi-amplified electronics (1500W). It utilizes large asymmetric ports designed to maximize sensitivity, neutralize internal reflection and minimize chuffing. These produce exceptional bass response from a full range cabinet. EAW’s Focusing and Beamwidth Matched Crossovers provide unmatched clarity and accuracy, while DynO digital signal processing also allows LA Series to provide clear and dynamic sound.

These products also include a monitor angle and monitor mode button that accommodate mains and monitor use in one product, in turn making the LA Series even more flexible. Rubber feet prevent shifting when the loudspeakers are set on a flat surface, such as an RS subwoofer or stage lip.


Production Audio/Video Technology: 03 9264 8000

Website: www.pavt.com.au


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