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Mackie Announces The SRM Flex

New stick PA is portable, flexible and designed to go anywhere and do anything.


30 September 2019

The Mackie SRM-Flex Portable Column PA System features a compact, lightweight form factor, the signature SRM Series sound quality, and intuitive Mackie mixer design for maximum flexibility. With 1300W of power, a custom six-driver wide-dispersion array, and 10-inch subwoofer, SRM-Flex has plenty of headroom to ensure crystal-clear, room-filling audio. 

The built-in six-channel digital mixer allows users to easily dial in optimal sound in minutes and provides full control of levels, EQ, reverb and more via the unit, or using SRM-Flex Connect wireless technology via a smartphone. Users can also stream music or backing tracks via any Bluetooth enabled device, which makes it the perfect solution for solo acts or bands. 

Suitable for audiences up to 100 people, the SRM-Flex is also perfect for applications such as corporate events and education facilities. 

Lightweight, compact and robust

  • Lightweight all-in-one design offers everything required for a gig
  • Fits almost anywhere, compact and discreet
  • Rugged design is built to last
  • Universal power supply (100-240 VAC) with Power Factor Correction technology ensures consistent performance even with unstable AC power.

Proven SRM Sound with ultra-wide coverage

  • Adjustable height directs the sound at ear level for optimal coverage and clarity
  • 1300W of power delivers maximum headroom and top performance.

Complete wireless control with SRM-Flex Connect

  • Pair a smartphone for wireless control over channel levels, EQ, system presets and more
  • Mount a smartphone to a mic stand for on the fly adjustments or have a dedicated engineer mix from the audience
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Stream music

  • Need to play some break music or a backing track? No need to worry about the cable. Stream music straight from your phone or any Bluetooth enabled device.

Built-in six-channel digital mixer

  • The built-in six-channel digital mixer has inputs for mics, instruments, and media players
  • Professional XLR out allows connection to an additional SRM-Flex or front-of-house mixer.

Dial in sound

  • Two-Band EQ on channels one and two, allows users to easily adjust the tone of the mic, guitar, keyboard, or other devices or instruments plugged in, adjusting the sound to be just right 
  • Application voicing modes tailor the system to an application or venue. Choose between Music, Speech, and Live.


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Issue 91