9 December 2013

Mackie Mixer App


Mackie was the first to release a small-format digital mixer controlled solely by a docked iPad and here its not-so-evil genius becomes most apparent. Mackie has released Master Fader v2.0, the primary control app for Mackie DL Series Digital Live Sound Mixers. Master Fader v2.0, which is available as a free download, delivers new features that are a direct result of customer feedback – the good kind, we’ll assume. Forget scary firmware updates, Mackie can add functions to the mixer series with a simple app update. The new features of Master Fader v2.0 are wide ranging from small performance and workflow updates to items that will change how people use the app. In-demand new features like input channel and aux send linking were implemented for easily controlling stereo inputs sources like keyboard or when using in-ear monitors. The addition of mute groups and view groups are for users that want customizable control of their work surface. A new Quick Access Panel gives access to important controls without taking up screen real-estate. Plus, “tons” of additional navigation enhancements have been included. Mackie’s www.mackie.com has all the info, but you need to hit the App Store for the software.

Australian Distributor: CMI Music and Audio www.cmi.com.au


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