Mackie MobileMix – Don’t Let the Size Fool You

Mackie’s MobileMix is a fully featured mixer for DSLR cameras, PA systems and smartphone streaming setups.


17 January 2024

Mackie’s MobileMix is a fully featured small audio mixer that brings Mackie sound to DSLR cameras, PA systems and smartphone streaming setups.

From on-the-go live sound, to live streaming with your phone, to video production, MobileMix delivers professional audio quality in an analogue mixer you can use anywhere. The ultimate in portability, MobileMix can even be powered via a USB battery (sold separately) that fits in a dedicated slot underneath, or another USB power source.

Don’t let the miniature size fool you. This feisty mini mixer can handle up to eight channels of stellar quality audio, including microphones, instruments, and even Bluetooth audio. You get two of Mackie’s low-noise mic preamp channels with combo XLR and 1/4-inch connectors, Hi-Z impedance switches for electric guitars, low-cut filters, and 48V phantom power for condenser mics. Connect stereo sources with ¼-inch line and 3.5 mm aux inputs. Use the bi-directional Bluetooth audio to bring in phone calls, with Mix Minus to monitor and record your callers without echo. Apply onboard EQ and reverb for a complete mix on the go.

Dual mix outputs take the versatility to the next level, letting you send your mix to two places simultaneously. Use MobileMix to run live sound to your speakers while recording to an audio interface or tablet (mounted in the dedicated tablet slot). Stream to two devices at once. Play music from one device while recording to another. You can even connect some extra sets of headphones — the possibilities are endless, especially when you consider that you can toss MobileMix in your backpack.

Finally: a real, professional mixer you don’t have to plug in. Just connect a USB battery pack, stash it in the storage compartment, and you can track and stream for hours, far away from an outlet, with the audio quality and reliability that put Mackie on the map.

MobileMix will be available beginning January 2024 on Mackie.com and at participating retailers. For more information, visit Mackie.com/MobileMix.


Mackie Website: www.mackie.com

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