Mackie M•Caster Live

Live streaming mixer is purpose-built for ‘creators’, with easy one knob voice processing, attractive looks and voice changer FX


27 January 2022

Mackie announces the M•Caster Live portable live streaming mixer. Not just another repurposed live sound mixer, M•Caster Live was designed from the ground up for content creators and their unique needs. Whether you’re a social streamer, gamer, podcaster, or DJ, the M•Caster Live has features that make it easier than ever before to create your content and get it out there for the world to see.

“When talking to creators, we kept seeing the same complaints over and over again. Users want a simple way to connect with their streaming platform. They want to sound great. And they want something that can be easily portable.” said Mackie Product Manager Craig Reeves. “M•Caster Live delivers on all of those points and manages to look great while doing it!”

M•Caster Live has the ability to connect directly to users’ smartphone headphone jack, or via USB to a computer running OBS (or similar software). Because M•Caster Live was designed to be portable, you can even power it with an external battery – no mains power required. Preset-based ContourFX create pro-quality voice signals with a single knob. The StreamFX voice changer will let you disguise your voice, or even inspire you to create new characters.

There is a lot of technology under the hood of M•Caster Live, but that doesn’t mean it’s all work and no play. With its user selectable RGB LED under lighting, M•Caster Live looks amazing on any desk.

M•Caster Live includes a software bundle from Accusonus, including a perpetual license of their amazing ERA Voice Leveler and De-Esser plugins, and a 3 month All Access Suite subscription. This creative suite features powerful audio repair tools such as Noise Remover, Voice Deepener, Mouth De-Clicker, and Reverb Remover, just to name a few. Users can explore the Voice Changer plugin, adding fun effects to their projects, or search the music libraries of SFX and Music Cellar for high-quality, royalty-free sound effects and background music.

M•Caster Live is now shipping and will be available in January/February 2022 with an MAP of US$229.99. Creator Accessories are expected to be available later in Q1.


Mackie: mackie.com
Dynamic Music: dynamicmusic.com.au

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