Mackie Introduces MainStream Video Streaming Interface

MainStream is a complete live streaming interface that brings together video, audio and tactile control.


17 January 2024

Mackie has introduced the Mackie MainStream: the complete live streaming interface that brings together video, audio and tactile control into a single, powerful device.

Crafting an engaging, high-quality Twitch or YouTube stream can be challenging. Streamers must figure out how to integrate feeds from their video game or other media, mic/headset, camera(s) and any other sources, then find a way to control their various stream elements when it’s time to go live. Mackie MainStream makes capture and control easy, combining an HDMI video capture card, audio interface and USB-C input hub into one bus-powered device that takes up hardly any space on a desktop.

Mackie MainStream features an HDMI input with full HD capture (1080p x 60 fps) and a pristine HDMI passthrough (4K x 60 fps) for the monitor, so gamers can livestream at high quality without interfering with their gaming experience. The built-in USB-C input hub accepts up to two additional USB devices like webcams, USB microphones and peripherals, letting streamers connect all their devices to a single USB port on their computer.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Mackie without high-quality analogue audio. In addition to the XLR mic input (+60 dB), MainStream includes a chat headset input, smartphone input for live streaming phone calls, a headphone output and stereo line outs that are perfect for external speakers.

Once everything is connected, MainStream gives streamers tactile control over the input levels, including HDMI, PC return, mic and smartphone input, plus headphone outputs and stereo line outputs — all without menu diving. There’s even a row of programmable keys for triggering samples, controlling transitions and more. Mackie is known worldwide for making high-quality products with controls that are solid, responsive and extremely durable. MainStream brings that legendary engineering to video streamers for the first time.

MainStream works out of the box, no software required. However, streamers who want even more control will enjoy the inclusion of the all-new Mackie Matrix software, an incredibly powerful routing tool and digital mixer that lets streamers route up to four hardware devices (like MainStream) and six virtual channels (like Discord or Spotify), tweak their mix, add effects and create and trigger samples with 24 virtual pads.

MainStream can power a huge variety of live streams, from demanding video game console marathons to laid-back Just Chatting hangout sessions. Mackie is excited to see how this innovative product inspires streamers to get creative, try new things and create deeper connections with their audience.

Mackie MainStream will be sold on Mackie.com and at participating retailers, availability beginning January 2024. For more information about Mackie MainStream visit Mackie.com/MainStream.


Mackie Website: www.mackie.com

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