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19 March 2014

UA 610 Preamp Plug-in
The UA 610 Preamp Plug-in


During NAMM when Universal Audio announced its Apollo Twin interface, UA also told us about the new Unison technology designed to provide a higher form of preamp modeling, following that up a few weeks later with the UAD 7.5 software release that included the UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Plug-In Collection using Unison. Predictably, UA has now reconfigured many of its Classic plug-in bundles to add the same collection into the deals – something it does regularly as the plug-in library constantly grows. Other intriguing press from UA is a new partnership with TC Electronics with a view for jointly developing plug-ins. TC Electronics wears a lot of hats, but lately has been putting its best foot forward firmly down on stompboxes and the TonePrint range. Then again, the company is no slouch at hardware reverbs and delays, as many effects racks around the world will testify. It’ll be interesting to see what comes first from this collaboration. Details on the new Classic contents are at www.uaudio.com


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