10 May 2013

Based in Canada, Sage Electronics has released the SE-D.I.3 MIGHTY G DI Box. Designed by Quentin Meek of QZIC Engineering Inc. in partnership with Sage Electronics’ founder Phillip Victor Bova, the Mighty G is a palm-size direct active DI box featuring NOS vintage germanium transistors. The Mighty G is 90mm long and 40mm wide. It is housed in a showroom-finish die-cast enclosure and, as you can tell from the picture, is designed to plug directly into most acoustic and electric guitars, basses and keyboards. The unit is phantom powered and is readily available in male and female 6.5mm jacks, plus you can especially order a version with a parallel female input jack and a ground-lift switch. The truly (not quasi) balanced output jack is an all-metal Switchcraft gold plated 3 pin XLR connector. Sage Electronics promise that the Mighty G’s germanium transistors contribute a “magical sonic presence” not heard in passive transformer and IC direct box designs. By the way, anyone puzzling over the product trademark on the Mighty G (best guesses here were the shape of a nearby Canadian lake or perhaps Spielberg’s ET without any legs) it is, in fact, a raised arm curled to show a bicep… Mighty, get it? Nope – we didn’t either. You can buy the Mighty G direct from Sage Electronics for US$299.00 and the good folks there have quoted us a 7-day shipping price to Sydney for CDN$83.00, which considering the size and weight of the Mighty G suggests there’s no risk of the Canadian Postal Service ever going bankrupt. You can get more information from www.sageelectronics.com and while you’re there check out the cool-looking SE-BB1 Bova Ball condenser microphone. You’ll want one.


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