Modal Electronics’ Carbon8 Prototype

Experimental polyphonic synthesizer at Superbooth 23.


15 May 2023

Modal Electronics has unveiled its new Carbon8 synthesizer — a digital, experimental eight-voice polyphonic synth — at this year’s Superbooth show. This product is currently in the prototyping phase, and will be previewed by the synth community shortly. It features over 40 digital waveform algorithms, and cross-modulation between oscillators creates contemporary sounds. Digital waveforms are generated in realtime, and can be cross-modulated using the new options of wave-folding, wave-shaping, and phase distortion.

The system that Carbon8 is built on is twice as complex as those of Argon8 and Cobalt8, with two discreet oscillators that produce over 40 algorithms. Where you once had to balance to output of oscillators 1 and 2, there is a new mixing stage allows for the independent adjustment of each oscillator output.

It has a brand new LFO section with 15 shapeable LFO waveforms, 33 filter types, FATAR TP/9S keybed with auto touch, and the sound engine can be accessed on an iPad with the Modal integration app. A brand new Vocal filter allows users to further shape the sound content. There is also a 512-note step sequencer, and programmable arpeggiator — everything needed to be integrated into modern setups.

The company has begun beta testing, and aims to have the unit in stores by September 2023.


Modal Electronics: modalelectronics.com

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