TC Electronic’s New Monitor Pilot Takes Flight

Multi-Monitor Switching Control Station with Desktop Controller and Calibrated Listening


20 May 2022

For years, recording and mastering studios, film, post and broadcast facilities, have relied on TC’s monitor controllers using units such as Clarity X, System 6000, BMC2 and Level Pilot. Now with Monitor Pilot, TC Electronics offers flexibility, transparent connectivity and direct access to volume level and stereo speaker selection right at your fingertips.

The controller can connect up to three stereo speaker sets on fully balanced, 22 dBu line level XLR connectors, as well as a pair of headphones on a ¼” TRS jack connector on the front panel. On the input side, another pair of balanced XLR connectors to connect to the main output from your audio interface. There is also the option of connecting media devices via the 1/8” mini jack connector on the front panel, which takes balanced as well as unbalanced signals depending on the device.

The Monitor Pilot is all-analog solution, so is completely computer independent. Its wired remote control combines a tactile interface with a tiny footprint and a solid rubber base. The I/O box can be mounted above or below the desk for access to the headphones output and 1/8” mini jack input. 

Product Features

  • Multi-monitor switching control station for up to three sets of studio monitors and one set of headphones
  • Easy access master volume control in elegant design with monitor switching controls
  • Separated I/O housing and control panel for tidy cable runs and sleek aesthetic
  • High-quality main studio stereo XLR inputs and 1/8″ TRS jack input for use with external media devices
  • All stereo outputs include independent precision trim pots for calibrated listening
  • High-quality passive switching to A/B between monitor sets
  • All-analog signal path retains original audio quality
  • High-grade aluminium desktop control housing with visual feedback of active speaker set
  • Extremely easy to setup and use
  • Universal wall wart included


TC Electronic: tcelectronic.com
Australian Distributor: australismusic.com.au


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