Zildjian Launches Electronic Drum Kits

The ALCHEM-E Series are complete electronic kits - not just cymbals.


15 May 2024

Zildjian has introduced the all-new lineup of Zildjian ALCHEM-E Series electronic drum kits. Zildjian set out to create the most realistic, authentic, immersive playing experience with a full range of electronic kits starting from the more compact ALCHEM-E Bronze EX to the flagship ALCHEM-E Gold EX. Each kit showcases the revolutionary Zildjian E-FAMILY cymbals and the feature-filled Zildjian E-VAULT drum module. Express yourself with unparalleled nuance and realism, with Zildjian ALCHEM-E.

Zildjian E-Family Cymbals

Bridging the gap between acoustic and electronic, the Zildjian E-FAMILY of cymbals offers an authentic acoustic cymbal feel, response, nuance, and aesthetic with never-before experienced triggering accuracy and sensitivity thanks to the built-in Zildjian Trigger System.

A Truly Immersive Experience

Look, feel, and response of acoustic cymbals, but without the volume.

Superior sensitivity and response.

The industry’s most dynamic, realistic, and responsive electronic HiHat solution.

All cymbals feature 3-zone playability (bell, bow, and edge).

Consistent 360° triggering.

Adjustable, touch-sensitive cymbal choking.

Access to a wide range of legendary Zildjian cymbal sounds with the Zildjian E-VAULT module.

Unlock the Zildjian E-Vault

The new Zildjian E-VAULT drum module creates a level of authenticity of sound that completely immerses you into the playing experience. Making advances on time-tested sampling techniques, the Zildjian E-VAULT sound library offers an expansive collection of carefully curated, high-quality drum, cymbal, and percussion sounds. Best of all, you’ll have access to a wide variety of legendary Zildjian cymbals (past, present, AND future) with regular sound library updates to create and update your dream set up and dial in your personal sound.

Module Features

Professionally pre-configured kits with customizable user kits.

Bluetooth audio connectivity.

Expand your setup with 6 drum inputs and 6 cymbal inputs.

Eight balanced individual audio outputs.

Midi In/Out via USB and 5-Pin DIN.

10-Channel USB-C out.

32GB of built-in memory.

Update and back up data using the included USB flash drive.

Ambience FX adjustability.

Acoustic Authenticity, Electronic Versatility

When you want the presence and expression of an acoustic drum set, but with the versatility and creative control of electronic drums, Zildjian ALCHEM-E electronic drums are the perfect solution. Each drum has three fully customizable zones for triggering the head, rimshot, and rim, creating a truly realistic playing experience. All kits feature real wood shells in stunning finishes that look and feel great, both in a home studio or on a big stage. Zildjian ALCHEM-E electronic drums allow you to create and express yourself without sacrificing authentic playability – exactly what you’d expect from a name like Zildjian.


Dynamic Music (02) 9939 1299

Website: www.dynamicmusic.com.au


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