6 March 2014

Midas Countdown


Midas is doing the old “countdown clock” promotion trick to something special with zero hour being a grand unveiling at Pro Light and Sound on March 12th. We do know what it is – a new digital mixing console called Neutron that employs a whole new DSP engine (which may also be named Neutron – it’s not clear) that provides up to 800 audio paths. So it seems unlikely anyone will be accusing Neutron of being another rebadged X32 unless there’s a whole bunch of them glued together. Apparently AudioTechnology is among a handful of elite, handpicked audio professionals invited to a special nosh-up and launch of Neutron. We suspect there might be quite a crowd. However, this means we’ll know nothing else about Neutron until the Big Day, unless Midas prudently leak more info or someone does it for them – Julian Assange was in a band, wasn’t he? When we know more, so will you.

Australian Distributor: National Audio Systems sales@nationalaudio.com.au


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