MIDAS Consoles Launch the HD96-AIR

MIDAS Consoles has revealed a revolutionary new lightweight console.


13 February 2024

MIDAS Consoles has launched its HD96-AIR, a highly anticipated addition to the Heritage-D series. The revolutionary new lightweight console is unmatched in its class, it offers more power and features than any other console of its size, making it an unparalleled solution for sound engineers on the move.

Redefining the standards for compact live sound consoles, the Heritage-D series is widely known for its legendary sound quality, durability, and features, plus with ongoing development and a dedicated Midas team, the brand-new HD96-AIR blends innovative technology, portability, and performance.

Midas HD96-AIR is equipped with an astounding capability of up to 144 simultaneous input channels and a 96kHz sample rate, it houses 123 time-aligned and phase-coherent mix buses, which provides sound engineers with unprecedented control and precision as well as a fader bay companion (HD96-FB16), It has 8 XLR Inputs and Outputs featuring award-winning Midas microphone preamplifiers, solidifying Midas’ commitment to top-tier audio quality.

Midas HD96-AIR was debuted at this year’s ISE Trade show with attendees thrilled to see the brand-new addition to the Heritage-D Series. The HD96-AIR has also achieved an award-winning status after it won in this year’s Best of Show awards at ISE 2024 in the Mix category. The awards recognise the very best products and solutions on display at ISE 2024, with hundreds of products and solutions considered, it was recognised for its diverse features, seamless integration, value, and groundbreaking uniqueness.

The latest addition to the Heritage-D series offers features usually normally reserved for the larger consoles such as dual redundant power supplies, snakes, and 2 built-in format converter slots It offers an advanced and multi-gesture touchscreen user interface, ensuring efficient operation. This cutting-edge console seamlessly blends the legacy of the Heritage D Series with state-of-the-art technology, delivering unparalleled audio quality and versatility, from its meticulously crafted design to its advanced features.

With Midas repeatedly showing award-winning innovation and leadership in the world of professional audio by continuing to produce landmark products that define and shape the live industry, the HD96-AIR is the ultimate statement of their commitment to excellence.

Whichever setting it is used in, the HD96-AIR sets a new standard for precision, reliability, and uncompromising performance, cementing Midas’ position at the forefront of audio engineering.

Check out AudioTechnology’s Video of the HD96-AIR HERE.


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