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10 November 2016


Big news for Midas — one of the UK’s leading PA hire companies, SSE Hire, has upgraded its entire stock of Midas mixing systems to the ProX with Neutron System Engine. Four consoles received the hefty upgrade package, including three Pro9s and a Pro6.

SSE Hire Operations Manager Stefan Phillips: “The ProX has doubled the input channel count of the old Pro9, and with the new Neutron Engine, the desk is a very capable tool for all eventualities. Haviong four of these consoles means that as a group we can supply from our own stock without the need to sub hire.”

What exactly is the ProX upgrade?

The Midas ProX is the brand’s gold standard — the mixer you’d see handling big-name shows in stadiums and upmarket venues. ProX has 168 simultaneous inputs, 99 buses, and 96kHz sampling frequency for superlative audio quality.

The smaller siblings of the ProX, the Pro3, Pro6, and Pro9, are popular choices among the touring and installation markets, each of which are very capable consoles in their own right. These three consoles can be hot-rodded with the ProX upgrade should the need arise for more DSP power, inputs, or other functionality.

The upgrade kit consists of the Neutron System Engine which contains four of Midas’s latest DSPs. Neutron is at the heart of the Midas mixing ecosystem. It carries an enormous amount of DSP juice (108 Gigaflops, to be precise), while offering a dual-redundant connection for rock solid reliability. Additionally, the ProX upgrade sees your console surface receive new fascia panels, internal cabling, clips, and the illuminated ProX logo. Once installed, your Pro3/Pro6/Pro9 console will be brought up to spec to that of a ProX. In other words, ProX is much more than a firmware upgrade!

Sure, it requires an investment, but far less than buying a brand new Pro console. Also the upgrade gives you the prowess of the ProX in the physical footprint of a smaller Midas Pro desk — an invaluable asset for space-limited venues or PA rental companies.

You won’t find this kind of upgrade kit on eBay. Because of the work involved, a Midas technician will come install the upgrade on your console in person. All Pro3/Pro6/Pro9 consoles are eligible for the Pro X upgrade kit and come with Music’s three-year limited warranty. Contact NAS today to find out more.

More info:
Midas: www.midasconsoles.com
Australian Distributor: www.nationalaudio.com.au


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