5 June 2017

midas 500 series parametric equaliser 512

Midas is known for its high quality analogue signal processing and consoles, so its new Parametric Equaliser 512 sure won’t disappoint. The equaliser has been designed with API’s 500 series lunchbox format and takes its inspiration from the Midas Heritage 3000 console. It features four fully parametric bands with 15dB of boost or attenuation and a warm, responsive character. The frequency bands overlap to provide more flexibility (bass: 20Hz-400Hz, low mid: 100Hz-2kHz, high mid: 400Hz-8kHz, treble: 1kHz-20kHz). Bass and treble bands can be switched to either bell or shelving frequency adjustment. Dual concentric knobs make it visually easier to dial in an EQ curve while saving space on the unit’s front panel.

The 512 utilises discrete bipolar transistors for both their low distortion and noise characteristics. Another transformer at the balanced output helps minimise distortion and give plenty of clean headroom.

midas 522 compressor limiter

Want to add a compressor to your 500 Series rack? Midas has you covered. The new 522 compressor/limiter module has both Manual and Auto modes. Manual mode functions with peak-sensing gain reduction for precise control over transients via attack and release controls. When the Auto switch is engaged the manual attack and release controls are bypassed and the compressor acts in RMS-sensing mode for smoother, ‘squishier’ gain reduction.

It’s known that compression can dull presence in the high frequencies. The 522 navigates this problem with its Dynamic Presence control which adds ‘air’ back into the source signal without introducing noise or pumping effects. Sidechain filtering is available to avoid unwanted compression artefacts on bass-heavy tracks. The output passes through a discrete transistor-driven transformer-balanced stage.

Midas: www.midasconsoles.com
Australian Distributor: www.australismusic.com.au


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