Midas Consoles Version 2.0.0 Software Release

V2.0.0 offers a range of enhancements.


30 April 2024

Midas Consoles has announced the launch of its V2.0.0 Firmware update for the flagship HD96-24 console, which is now available to download for free via MIDAS mCloud. V2.0.0 offers a range of enhancements designed to ensure a smooth and efficient workflow for audio professional and streamline the creative process.

Among these features is the introduction of ‘Macros’, which allows users to automate repetitive tasks and create custom sequences of commands effortlessly. V2 also now allows users to seamlessly integrate with external hardware like Sennheiser EM6000. While the new ‘Update Scenes’ function allows making absolute or relative changes to send levels in many scenes at once (quickly and simply). The addition of ‘Two Way Flip’ also allows the user to select an input channel and control its contribution level to all output channels via the displayed output faders.

V2 brings even more cutting-edge effects that will redefine the audio experience of the HD96-24. The TC Electronic MD4 finaliser brings pristine audio processing, the Midas Transient Gate offers exceptional mix clarity, whilst the Brainwave Spatial Audio system opens a world of immersive audio experiences. The new ‘External Gate Insert’ further provides users with precise control over background noise and unwanted sounds, which is essential for achieving clean, professional audio.

V2 promises to be the go-to tool for audio professionals seeking to enhance the sound production workflow. With further updates to come to the software, Midas Consoles’ V2.0.0 update is poised to become the ultimate audio software solution for professionals worldwide.



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