21 November 2014

© Katja Rupp
The Audio Hunt founder, Stephen Bartlett in Wisseloord Studios (© Katja Rupp)

A new platform is launching early next year that will allow artists and engineers the ability to rent out their gear and instruments, in a peer-to-peer rental marketplace and community. Think Airbnb only for music equipment and instruments.

There’s been a number of similar platforms launched this year, that allow trades to hire, swap or sell tools, cameras, film equipment, car parts, etc. It builds a grass roots community of like-minded individuals whilst also developing a network of colleagues, particularly for those in the recording or filmmaking industry. Equipment can be costly to purchase and it can be a long time before you’ve sufficiently built up your kit.

In saying that, there’s also been a massive influx of cheaper gear and instruments with a professional output that have flooded the market over the last twenty or so years. Everything from low-cost speakers to artisan crafted microphones and hardware, allowing beginners and professionals alike an abundance of kit. Which is great for creativity, but inevitably we still find ourselves wishing we could get our hands on that one piece we don’t have. Or we’re surrounded by hardware, software or instruments acquired over the years that never gets used. Now you’ll be able to rent out that gear, instead of it gathering dust and cluttering up the place, or hire a piece you’ve not been able to purchase as yet.

“It’s an old cliché that the industry ‘ain’t what it used to be’.” says The Audio Hunt founder and engineer, Stephen Bartlett, “Making music has never been more accessible and we’re making more of it than ever before, yet we also know that budgets are being spread thinner and thinner to accommodate the sheer amount of output.

“Choose whether you want to hire it in rather than make another purchase, or rent out your gear which just isn’t getting used any more. Most importantly, you can choose the rates and conditions that suit you.”


The Audio Hunt offers three services users can choose from:

Rent It In:

A list of instruments and audio gear will be available to choose from at competitive rates locally. Users can instantly see item reviews, location, availability and can contact the owner directly for more information.

Hire It Out:

Registered users can list any instrument or audio production gear they own to rent it out to other users. They can upload pictures, product descriptions and useful information such as audio clips of the gear in action. Users define the rental rate, deposit, and any specific conditions before the rental begins.

Sell Your Sound:

For users who can’t spare their gear or instruments for rentals they can advertise it on The Audio Hunt and allow users to send their audio or MIDI files for processing.

The platform requires a security deposit from renters, that’s held in escrow until the equipment is returned and in the same condition. The makers are currently looking for an optional insurance plan that can be purchased for limited rental transactions, for those who want it too. Members pay to use the website buy a percentage of each hire going to the Audio Hunt, as you would expect, but all credit card fees, etc. are paid for by the renter. It’s also free to join.

Bartlett made the point, “There needs to be a better way of accessing the kit that engineers and artists require to produce quality material, whilst also supporting the same hard-working community. That’s where The Audio Hunt idea came from.” The website has already received huge support and encouragement from audio industry heavyweights, such as Cenzo Townshend and Ronald Prent, it promises to bring a much-needed approach to acquiring gear for artists, engineers and studios around the world.

The Audio Hunt is due to launch in early 2015, but BETA memberships are now available, with early-bird benefits as well as automatic entry into a prize draw when you sign up.

If you’re interested in joining then you can apply directly on the platform:  www.theaudiohunt.com Or you can email the platform if you have any queries: info@theaudiohunt.com



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