14 March 2014

DynAudio Professional Family


It’s not often we see something new from Dynaudio Professional, let alone four new near-field monitors, mounting solutions and two new precision subwoofers. The near-field monitors include the BM Compact mkIII, BM5 mkIII, BM6 mkIII and BM12 mkIII and on the subwoofer side, BM9S II and BM14S II. For a change, none of the model names are an indication of the speaker configuration – the BM5 and BM6 models use a 7-inch driver, for example. We’re not copping out – but rather than offer an exhaustive list here, go to www.dynaudioprofessional.com for a well laid-out web page comparing the differences. Dynaudio Professional has also come to an arrangement with IsoAcoustics. Each of the new BM mkIII near-field monitors comes bundled with a dual-branded IsoAcoustics monitor stand that allows the monitors to float in free space – a bit like Sandra Bullock in Gravity, okay it’s not really floating, but the effect is achieved right? That’s not the only partnership. Dynaudio Professional also offers the TC Electronic BMC-2 Monitor Controller rounding out providing complete monitoring systems.

Australian Distributor: Amber Technology www.ambertech.com.au



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