10 December 2013

HK Pulsar Smaller


HK Audio has unveiled a line of powered speakers called the Pulsar series aimed at the crowded 1000-watt class of systems. Its trademark features include transparent, balanced midrange response, paired with plenty of low-end punch, and HK assure us the signal’s transparency and balance is maintained even when the bass and master volume is increased sharply. The line features two full-range models, the PL112 FA (12-inch woofer) and the PL115 FA (15-inch woofer) and a hybrid subwoofer. On both full range models the LF/Midrange amplifier is rated at 650 watt into 4 ohms, while the HF amplifier is 350 watt at 4 ohms allowing HK Audio to label the Pulsars a respectable 1000 watt cabinet. On board protection includes a subsonic filter, peak limiter and RMS limiter. Two EQ switches for DSP offer a choice of Standalone Monitor/System mode and a Flat/Contour setting. Three inputs – 2 XLR combo connectors and RCA stereo provide plenty of connection options and thru ports are there, too. The subwoofer, should you like a bit more bottom end, is the PL118A (18 inch woofer) with a 600-watt amp and an onboard crossover. All the Pulsar series have optional covers, tilt units and rigging yokes. Full specs are at www.hkaudio.com

Australian Distributor: CMI Music and Audio www.cmi.com.au


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