Introducing Cloudburst Ambient Reverb

Strymon welcomes you to a new world of instant ambient bliss.


6 February 2023

Sometimes a single pedal can be transformative, allowing your tone to bloom in a way that draws music out of you effortlessly and keeps you engaged for hours on end. The simple look and feel of Cloudburst belies the power underneath the hood, because it produces some of the most gorgeous ambient reverb tones and soundscapes that you’ve ever heard out of a guitar reverb pedal — there’s literally nothing else quite like it.

Coupled with the powerful ambience processing is a brand-new Ensemble engine, capable of creating pads and soundscapes that follow your playing organically — if you change pickups or play in a different place on the neck you get different results. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard or played before, and all wrapped in a smaller form factor that still manages to house full stereo I/O, TRS MIDI and USB-C connectors on the back panel. Prepare to be inspired.


Strymon: strymon.net
Australian Distribution: ambertech.com.au

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