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Soyuz revives 017 Series Brass Black for another limited edition run.


2 August 2022

In 2021, Soyuz introduced the world to a limited edition version of the renowned 017 Series microphone with an exclusive Brass Black finish. The 25 mics quickly sold out and prompted Soyuz to continue the series with the release of the 023 Brass Black in May 2022. Due to demand, Soyuz is reviving its unique finishing process for another batch of 017 Series Brass Black microphones that will be available as of August 1st, 2022. This production run will remain highly limited. There will only be x40 017 TUBE and x40 017 FET edition mics made during this period.

“Since the initial release of the 017 Series Brass Black mics, we have received countless emails, calls, and direct messages from folks asking if there would ever be another chance to get one of their own,” says Marc Kuzio of Soyuz Microphones. “Our team has put hard work into all of the meticulous details of these mics and we’re excited to say that the new batch of Brass Blacks is here.”

The bluing process behind for the 017 Series Brass Black is a time-honoured tradition in Tula, the hometown of Soyuz Microphones. This technique was originally used to ensure metal wouldn’t rust, but it also provides a visual aesthetic and custom finish that is simply second to none. To give the Brass Black series its signature look, the master craftsmen at Soyuz subject the microphone’s brass body to a passivation process. This electrochemical conversion occurs when oxidising the metal, which forms a protective coat of magnetite on the body of the mic. The end result is a world-class mic that now features a one-of-a-kind hue and patina. “When you break out an 017 Series Brass Black, there is a real sense of wonder among everyone in the room,” says Kuzio. “Put it up on the stand and you’re sure to get a truly inspired performance.”

Aside from its stylish appearance, the 017 Series Brass Black is the same microphone that has won over legions of fans across the world. Artists like Radiohead, Coldplay, Shawn Mendes, and Paramore, alongside producers and engineers like Nigel Godrich, Ryan Hewitt, Sylvia Massy, and Butch Walker have shared their love for the condenser mic.

The 017 captures a classic and three-dimensional sound reminiscent of vintage microphones, but with a distinct and modern character that stands out with originality. Its hand-machined and tensioned gold sputtered capsules enable details to be captured with stunning depth and warmth, while imparting a smooth and silky character to the upper frequencies. As with all Soyuz products, the microphone is completely machined by hand and assembled in the brand’s production facility.

The 017 TUBE Brass Black and 017 FET Brass Black large diaphragm condenser microphones are now available at Soyuz retailers around the world. 



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