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Mojave Audio announces MA-D cardioid dynamic microphone.


2 August 2022

Boutique microphone manufacturer Mojave Audio has announced the MA-D, the company’s first hand-held dynamic microphone. Designed by Technical Grammy Award Winner David Royer for an optimised full-frequency response and rich musicality the MA-D is the ideal hand-held microphone for vocalists, with a versatile sound profile equally useful for a variety of live and studio mic’ing situations. As with all Mojave Audio microphones, the MA-D is built with the highest-quality components and attention to detail, making it a valuable addition to any microphone cabinet.

The MA-D’s smooth frequency response makes it extremely versatile, able to do double duty on guitar and bass amps, drums, and brass, as well as a variety of vocal styles for live sound, recording, and broadcast applications. It has excellent off-axis rejection, an integrated pneumatic shock-mount, and a built-in internal windscreen which gives it a focused performance with reduced handling noise and the ability to easily eliminate plosives.

“When we set out to create our first dynamic microphone, we wanted to avoid the harsh ‘presence peak’ common in a lot of well-known mics on the market and deliver a smoother-sounding alternative,” said Mojave Audio President Dusty Wakeman. “The MA-D has a rich, musical response that will make any vocalist happy, while working just as well on many other instruments in live mic’ing situations. We’re proud to have a dynamic mic that we can put the Mojave name on.”


Dynamic — Uniform Cardioid Pickup Pattern
Frequency Response
+/- 2.5dB 60-10,000 Hz
+ 2dB-6dB 30-15,000 Hz
Polar Pattern
-53 dB.  Re 1V/pa
Greater than160dB @ 1 kiloHz
600 Ohms @ 1 kiloHz
Three-pin XLR (Male)
0.5 lbs.
L 7.25” x W 2”

The MA-D includes a flexible mic clip, a zippered bag, and is available now for US$159.


Mojave Audio: mojaveaudio.com
Australian Distributor: mixmastersproaudio.com.au

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