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Transient Enhancer and Mixing Course Free for Focusrite Owners

PUNCH module from Mastering the Mix and Balancing The Channels course from Ultimate Producer free for Plug-in Collective Members.


13 August 2021

From 29th July 2021 to 7th October 2021 (4pm BST), Focusrite’s Plug-in Collective members can grab a free PUNCH module from Mastering The Mix, as well as a hands-on course from Ultimate Producer by Tom Frampton on balancing channels.

PUNCH is a musical and sophisticated transient enhancer that puts you in the driving seat, and is part of ANIMATE, software designed to be your secret weapon in a wide range of mixing and mastering scenarios.

Beef up your snare and accentuate the transients of your audio with mid/side precision; ensure your kick pokes through the mix in a musical way; get synths and bass to bite through; and use character and grit bus processing to quickly liven up a mix on the fly. PUNCH is a powerful tool in your arsenal and will let you take control of your mix and dial in the punch only where you want it.

Balancing channels with Tom Frampton offers a smart, fast and fun way to improve your ability to balance a mix. In this course you’ll be looking at 12 songs, covering a range of four genres: Pop, Rock, Hip Hop and House. The starting balance is randomly set each time you load a challenge and it’s your task to adjust the faders to get a well-balanced mix. You’ll get hands on experience and learn to think like a pro.

Key features:


  • Amount slider blends the wet and dry signals for musical parallel processing.
  • Mastering grade all-pass filters.
  • Apply processing to stereo, mid or side channels.
  • Sensitivity control over the transient detection.
  • Level match pointer on output gain to maintain loudness and make informed decisions.
  • Attack and release settings.
  • Threshold allows for the processing to be triggered dynamically.

Balancing The Channels with Tom Frampton

  • Twelve songs to work on.
  • Hands on experience.
  • Learn to think like a pro.
  • Unique personalised feedback.


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