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Ableton Live 12
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Mimic Creative Sampler for Reason 12

8 slot creative sampler is inspirational and easy to use; available with soon-to-be-released Reason 12 and Reason+


13 August 2021

Reason Studios has released the Mimic Creative Sampler, a new instrument included in Reason 12 and available now for Reason+ subscribers, as part of Reason’s promise to release new features as soon as they become available.

Mimic is built for immediate inspiration, quickly exploring any audio file and finding something interesting to chop, flip, manipulate and play. Sampling has fueled popular music for decades and Mimic makes it easier than ever to add that special sauce to your tracks.

“Samples inherently have loads of character, whether they’re from a sample library, vinyl record, or your own recordings. Mimic is your go-to device to harness that character and tweak it to sound like you,” Product Manager, Mattias Häggström Gerdt said.

Mimic Creative Sampler features four sampler modes for different sampling techniques. Play your samples chromatically in Pitch Mode, slice up your sample and trigger it in Slice Mode, play the 8 sample slots in Multi Slot Mode, or create playable key splits and layers in Multi Pitch Mode. With the waveform display front and centre, exploring a sample to find what you’re looking for is quick and easy.

“Sampling is all about finding a cool chunk of sound and turning that raw material into a musical idea. We designed Mimic to make that process painless and intuitive. Reason is the best place to get musical ideas going and Mimic fits that promise like a glove,” said Mattias Häggström Gerdt.

Getting the samples to sound just right is easy with sound shaping tools like envelopes, filter, LFO, and gritty effects. With Reason’s legendary time stretch built into Mimic, pitch and speed are easily controlled too—from slight tuning and length adjustments to ambient smears of slow-motion samples or re-pitched vocal hooks.

Mimic Creative Sampler features

  • Fast, immediate sampler workflow designed for quick results.
  • 8 sample slots and four sampler modes covering techniques from drum hit triggering, sample hook juggling, instrument creation, and more.
  • Automatic transient detection and sample slicing.
  • Four advanced stretch modes for flexible manipulation and granular reimagining.
  • Onboard filter and effects designed for coloration and character.

Mimic Creative Sampler is immediately available for Reason+ subscribers as part of early access to Reason 12. Reason 12, including Mimic Creative Sampler, will be available to purchase from September 1st, 2021.


Reason Studios:

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Issue 93


Ableton Live 12
What’s in. What’s out. What to expect.