Earthworks’ New DM6 Kick Mic

The DM6 is the perfect complement to the existing Earthworks Audio drum line.


15 March 2024

The new Earthworks DM6 SeisMic Kick Drum Microphone will offer touring professionals, home recording studios and session players the most compelling reason to break-up with their existing kick drum mics.

Kevin Madigan, Front of House Engineer for Santana and Mix Engineer for Larrabee Studios say that the DM6 is, “The best single kick drum mic sound I’ve heard.”

While German Tarazona, Front of House Engineer for Maluma says that, “The dynamics and great transients of DM6 are spectacular.”

And if that doesn’t impress you, Brian Pomp, Front of House Mixer for Oliva Rodrigo says, “This DM6 is the first mic I’ve heard from you guys that sounds like it has a deliberate shape to it. Everything else you make sounds very literal. Like whatever is in front of the mic is what it’s going to translate to without interpretation. An exact replica if you will. The DM6 out of the box sounds like what I spend lots of time trying to get a kick drum mic to sound like. ”

Over the last five years, Earthworks Audio has quickly become the fastest growing brand in the Pro Audio space when it comes to drum microphones. That’s because of the attack and punch, the power and speed. And it’s that speed that gives the sense of definition, dynamics, detail and clarity to all Earthworks mics.

It is the speed of capture that you hear whenever you see Earthworks drum mics on all the Drumeo tutorial videos. It is the definition and clarity that makes Earthworks a must-have for all the drum streaming channels. And the dynamics and power are why it was an all-Earthworks stage at the 400th anniversary party for Zildjian.

“Speed is the reason that Earthworks is out on the road with every A-List engineer and top tour,” says Mike Dias, VP of Sales. “And speed is what separates the new DM6 kick drum microphone from everything else. You can hear it instantly especially through the PA and through the subs. It’s all attack and hit —without any of the smear. The DM6 simply stomps!”

The DM6 was designed to sound perfect right out of the box for all levels of performance and for all styles of music. It was made for those situations when there is not enough time for a proper soundcheck. It was designed to make things fast and easy whenever volunteers are running the boards at church or in the small venues. But the DM6 is also versatile and powerful enough to take whatever creative EQ that any artist or engineer wants to apply for flavor.

Josh Holliday, Director of Production for Drumeo says that the DM6 is, “Open, detailed and lovingly accepting of any creative eq you apply.”

To showcase the versatility of the DM6, Earthworks partnered with many of the top drummers and engineers to show how they use EQ and dynamics to finetune their DM6 sound. Anyone can copy the exact signal chain of their favorite performers by visiting this webpage.

The DM6 is the perfect complement to the existing Earthworks Audio drum line. It is built to work as a stand-alone introduction to the product line or to sit next to the DM20s for tom and snare and the SR25s for overheads. For the time being, the DM6 will be sold as a separate SKU and will not be part of the Earthworks Audio Drum Microphone DK7 kit.

It will be available globally from all top Pro Audio and MI outlets.

The DM6 ships with 1 Triad-Orbit M2-R Ball Mount for fast, easy, and precise mic placement. Like all other Earthworks products, the DM6 is designed, tuned and assembled in Earthworks’ New England mill-building factory. Earthworks remains committed to US manufacturing and to creating meaningful jobs in rural communities.


Audio Brands Australia: (02) 9659 7711

Website: audiobrands.com.au


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