8 May 2013

Two new plug-ins announced by UAD in the latest UAD Software 7.0, and a third for the UAD Powered Plug-ins platform. Developed by SPL, the SPL Twintube Processor Plug-in is an authentic software version of the world-class tube effects processor, adding analogue tube warmth, saturation, and harmonic distortion without impacting dynamic range. With two fully independent stages, which can be run together or separately, the SPL TwinTube Plug-In provides a wide-ranging palette of sonic shaping, from smooth and creamy overdrive to deep, growling saturation.  Developed by Sonnox, the Oxford Inflator promises to do “what so many dynamics processors only pretend to do” — meaning increase the apparent loudness of a mix or individual tracks without audibly affecting sonic quality or reducing dynamic range. The Ocean Way Studios plug-in for the UAD Powered Plug-in platform was developed over a three-year period by UA and Allen Sides. UAD claims Ocean Way Studios is an audio processing first — combining elements of room, microphone, and source modelling so tracks sound as if they were recorded in the legendary studios of Ocean Way Recording. Built upon UA’s proprietary new Dynamic Room Modelling, Ocean Way Studios provides the unique ambience and dispersion properties of various sources in the rooms at Ocean Way, as recorded through a selection of rare vintage microphones that can be dynamically positioned in real time via a simple click-and-drag interface. Ideal microphone selections and placements are provided in both Ocean Way Recording’s “Studio A” and “Studio B” — the exact rooms and setups used to record some of the biggest acts of all time.

The SPL Twintube Processor is US$199.00, the Oxford Inflator US$179.00 and the Ocean Way Studios US$349.00. You can find them all at www.uaudio.com

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