11 August 2017

Sonnox Oxford Dynamic EQ plug-in

Universal Audio shows some love to its UAD hardware and Apollo interface users with a bevy of new DSP-accelerated plug-ins. The Sonnox Oxford Dynamic EQ is a nitty gritty equaliser that’s perfect for demanding production challenges during mixing and mastering. It’s the first dynamic EQ on the UAD platform and gives you an alternative to multiband compression, letting you sculpt and shape sound sources with precision. The plug has five bands, all of which can overlap and process mono, stereo, or mid/side audio.

ENGL Savage amp

Guitarists benefit from the new ENGL Savage 120 amplifier plug-in which captures the beastly punch of ENGL’s iconic high-gain amp. You get 100 different recording chains as well as onboard vintage delay, noise gate, and low/high-pass filters for further tone shaping. The ENGL Savage 120 amp also features Unison technology for Apollo interface which matches the impedance load to the original amplifier for more accurate and authentic feel and tonal response.

korg SDD-3000 Digital Delay plug-in

Universal Audio has partnered with Korg to introduce the Unison-equipped SDD-300 Digital Delay plug-in for the UAD platform, an emulation of the famous 1980s rack unit with its 13-bit delays and instrument-friendly analogue preamp. The SDD-300 was first popularised by U2 guitarist, The Edge, to forge on of the most identifiable guitar sounds in rock history.

AMS RMX16 reverb

Fourth is the AMS RMX16 digital reverb, an expanded version of a previously-released UAD plug. Developed by AMS Neve, the RMX16 was the world’s first microprocessor-controlled full-bandwidth reverb when it first came out. UAD’s plug-in version is designed to capture the expansive shimmer of the original hardware while adding nine rare, custom programs to double the sonic possibilities of the first UAD AMS RMX16 plug-in. Features include Dry/Wet Mix, Wet Solo, and easy ‘click-and-type’ editing of control values.

Universal Audio: www.uaudio.com
Australian Distributor: www.cmi.com.au


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