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10 January 2018

A near century-long legacy as the longest running professional recording studio in the southern hemisphere, Studios 301 stands as one of the last bastions of large format studios on the planet with a breadth of scope servicing the world’s biggest artists, to fostering the next generation of musical talent.

From its auspicious beginnings in 1926 as The Columbia Graphophone Company – and later EMI – Studios 301 stands poised to reaffirm its place at the pinnacle of the Australian music production industry with the launch of a new multi-million dollar, state-of-the-art facility, which will officially open on Thursday the February 22nd 2018.

The design of the new complex is a further collaboration between music industry icon and audio education pioneer, Tom Misner, and master acoustician, Jochen Veith. After a number of successful ventures together, the new Studios 301 will be the only tier one recording studio in Australia and will un-arguably be one of the world’s finest acoustically designed facilities.

Tom Misner’s passion for music is legendary, whether it as an engineer, musician, producer, educator, or entrepreneur. His name of course is mostly recognised as the founder and driving force behind the world’s largest creative media education group, SAE Institute – earning him an honorary doctorates from Middlesex University in 2001 and from Columbia University in 2005 for his services to transnational education.

In the background however Tom Misner has continued to invest in and support the wider global industry, be it from his rescue of AMS Neve in the mid-2000s to his ongoing support of R&D for new and emerging audio technologies.

After originally acquiring and rebuilding Studios 301 in the late nineties, Tom divested his Australian business interests in 2011 only to reacquire the business in 2016 when it was announced the property was to be redeveloped for residential apartments.

Recognising the ongoing need for a facility the calibre of Studios 301 in Australia – and the value of its legacy – Tom committed to a multi-million dollar ground-up reconstruction and relocation project taking 16 months and an incredible 134,000 hours of labour.

The result is what will be the finest example of studio design the Australian industry has ever seen, operating from Ellis Ave, Alexandria. While it will feature many of the offerings Studios 301 clients have come to love — including the classic Neve 88R and SSL K series consoles with its complement of vintage outboard and microphones — the new facility will host main orchestral and secondary recording spaces. In addition to a revamped mastering department are new additions such as an Avid S6 in a purpose built 5.1 mixdown suite, and multiple acoustically designed production suites and collaborative spaces. In total the complex will house three recording studios, three mastering suites, five production suites, and a number of music industry specific co-working areas.

Most excitingly for interstate and international clientele, access to the Studios 301 roster of Grammy nominated and ARIA award winning production talent will be available via the new online mixing and mastering service.

“The Australian music industry is at a crucial junction” says 301 Operations Manager, Ron Haryanto. “For the first time in decades we are seeing increasing industry revenues albeit across a more diverse base. Studios 301 is unbelievably fortunate to be in a position to rebuild and reposition a facility of this magnitude to service the needs of the industry as they stand today, and well into the future.”

The current studio spaces are in a shutdown period while final preparations are made for the launch. A grand opening party on February 22nd will mark the occasion, bringing the Australian music community together to celebrate the latest chapter in the legacy that is Studios 301.

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Issue 91