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Forbes Street Studios Introduces Dolby Atmos

Forbes Street Studios (FSS), has introduced Dolby Atmos spatial mixing capabilities as part of their premiere suite of assets.


8 February 2022

FSS forms part of the international studio network owned and operated by Universal Music Group, alongside the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London, Capitol Studios housed within the walls of the iconic Capitol Records Tower in Hollywood and the Interscope Recording Studio in Santa Monica.

FSS’s new Atmos offering allows artists and producers to create three-dimensional soundscapes in an object-based mixing environment. The set up accommodates mixes for new releases, catalogue or listening sessions of mixes recorded elsewhere for approvals.

One of the first artists scheduled to mix in Atmos at FSS are Ocean Alley. Their producer Callum Howell states: “Atmos spatial is such an exciting format to work in. Its ability to translate to so many different playback systems, as well as headphones, gives it far greater longevity than previous surround formats. Atmos allows me to create incredibly immersive mixes that literally hug the listener and I’m really enjoying trying new things and experimenting with the possibilities.”

FSS is one of first recording studios in Australia to offer Dolby Atmos capabilities, with access to a team of studio engineers, while also inviting engineers and producers to use the space for their own mix projects.

The team at Forbes Street Studios are ready to showcase their expanded creative hub and to introduce clients to the technology first-hand.


Forbes Street Studios:

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Issue 91