5 June 2017

genelec 1032c front and angle

Genelec’s original 1032 studio monitor, 1032A, ceased production in 2013 when it was replaced with the 1032B. Now the 1032C replaces its predecessor with the most notable addition being Smart Active Monitor (SAM) technology for a more ‘intelligent’ speaker system. The latest generation of Genelec’s SAM-equipped models (1032C included) boast features like delay alignment, video compensation delay, level calibration, and input sensing for automatic power saving and wake up. Besides SAM’s arrival, the 1032C has a higher maximum SPL than the 1032B (114dB) and digital I/O has been added too.

The monitor itself hasn’t changed much. It’s still a 10-inch, two-way, small footprint, near-field speaker that fuses the soffit-mountable classic styling of the iconic 1000 series with a host of new Genelec development. Onboard Class D amplification powers both the woofer and one-inch metal dome tweeter with an active crossover splitting the signal. The 1032C is an ideal choice for those working in high-end music production, post production, and broadcast.

Genelec: www.genelec.com
Australian Distributor: www.studioconnections.com.au


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