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Ableton Live 12
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ProjectSAM: The Free Orchestra

A free cinematic, orchestral sample library.


6 November 2023

Founded in 2001, composers Maarten Spruijt, Vincent Beijer and Marco Deegenaars teamed up to found ProjectSAM. Not fully satisfied with the orchestral samples available at the time, they set out to record their own, focusing on three main things: an ambient, multi-mic setup in a concert hall environment; the right set of articulations, emphasising on note lengths in-between a sustain and a staccato, to be able to build thematic lines; instrumental effects that cannot simply be recreated using individual samples.

Orchestral string staccatos, heroic horns, luminous choirs and dystopian drones, all for free. Welcome to The Free Orchestra.The plugin has been fully updated, adding new instruments, an all-in-one browser, full instrument control, new Multis, and a spacious new design.

Unique within the industry, The Free Orchestra not only offers you a ton of free orchestral sounds, but also allows you to use them in the free Kontakt Player. The library also offers a number of Multis which are presets that layer the individual instruments together in inspiring, musical ways.

The Free Orchestra has no license limitations, so users are more than welcome to use the sounds in commercial music projects.

  • Wretched Risers: String risers powered by ProjectSAM’s Adaptive Sync feature, taken from Symphobia Series (Pandora).
  • Organ Mystique: Beautiful, dark church organ recorded in a historical Dutch village.
  • Bombastic Basses: Dark cellos and contrabasses with epic orchestral accents, taken from Symphobia Series (Symphobia 2).
  • Dystopian Drones: Dark, disturbing drones made from the original Symphobia recordings, taken from Symphobia Series.
  • Ghostly Clusters: Eerie, otherworldly string, brass & woodwind effects, taken from Symphobia Series.
  • Heroic Horns: An epic, 8-player French horn section, perfect for playing grand, heroic themes, taken from Symphobia Series (Symphobia 2).
  • Luminous Choir: Warm and soothing choir swells, performed by 6 altos, 6 tenors and 6 basses in the lush environment of the Symphobia concert hall, taken from Symphobia Series (Lumina).
  • Ominous Lows: A moody, misty alley bass ensemble recorded with piano, harp and bassoon and a dark tremolo orchestra on the modulation wheel, taken from Symphobia Series (Lumina).
  • Pandora Bursts: A big, bold diminuendo brass ensemble taken from the newly released Symphobia 4 (Pandora).
  • Pandora Panic: Suspense-building brass clusters and effects, taken from the newly released Symphobia 4 (Pandora).
  • Power Strike: Cinematic percussion kit featuring orchestral gran cassa, snare ensemble, cymbals and effects, taken from True Strike 1.
  • Short Strings: Ensemble string staccatos taken from the Symphobia 1 recordings.
  • Sordino Violins: Warm, lush, muted violins, perfect for dramatic underscoring and gentle ballad arrangements, taken from Symphobia Series (Symphobia 1).
  • Tongue in Cheek: Pay homage to the golden age of cartoons with this month’s light-hearted and witty ensemble instrument featuring clarinet, double bass, piano and ‘wah’ trumpet, taken from Symphobia Series (Animator).
  • Tutti Hits: Cinematic, orchestral hits, taken from the legendary Symphobia recordings. Ready to be used in your very next action, ghost or horror score, taken from Symphobia Series (Symphobia 1).
  • Wild Winds: An enigmatic, yet cinematic set of woodwind effects feat. flute, oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon & contra bassoon. taken from: Symphobia Series.
  • 16 free cinematic instruments
  • Ranging from soft strings to thunderous drums
  • Includes sounds from our acclaimed Symphobia series
  • Recorded in a beautiful concert hall environment
  • Brand-new interface with extensive instrument control
  • Works with the free Kontakt Player
  • 1.5 GB sample pool

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Issue 93


Ableton Live 12
What’s in. What’s out. What to expect.