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Ian Sampson Releases Hush Pro

The AI-powered AAX plugin for dialogue repair.


20 September 2023

Ian Sampson has announced the release of Hush Pro, an AudioSuite plugin that removes ambient noise and room reflections from recorded speech. Powered by machine learning and optimised for Apple Silicon, Hush Pro cleans up dialogue quickly and transparently, with minimal artefacts and unrivalled clarity.

The plugin is designed from the ground up for audio post-production, integrating seamlessly with Pro Tools. It includes two separate modes — or sub-plugins — that use the same engine under the hood but support different workflows. Hush Mix allows users to rebalance dialogue, noise, and reverb with a mixer-style ui, previewing the results in real time. Hush Split renders all three elements as separate clips for more fine-grained, non-destructive edits.

Hush Pro delivers even cleaner audio than the standalone Hush app, especially on outdoor ambience and highly reflective rooms. Under the hood, the plugin uses a new, more powerful ai model, taking advantage of the faster gpu on m-series Pro, Max, and Ultra chips. The model will continue to evolve with future updates — including improved support for singing and other vocals, to be added later this year.

After three months of beta testing, Hush Pro has already become a mainstay at post-production studios around the world. Editors have used it to repair dialogue for film, television, podcasts, and more — with remarkable results.

“I’m using Hush on a feature film right now,” says dialogue editor Jason Freeman, whose past credits include John Wick: Chapter 4 and Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. “It saved us from having to ADR an entire scene with the lead actor.”

Zach McNees — who mixes podcasts for Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, and Alec Baldwin, among others — says the plugin “cleans up my tracks in ways I never thought possible, with complete control and no artefacts. I’ve used every noise reduction tool on the market,” and adds, “Hush is in a class by itself.”

Hush Pro is available now for US$249 from the Hush App website — along with a 21-day, full-featured free trial. Users who purchased the original Hush app can upgrade for US$179.

Hush Pro requires Pro Tools, an Apple Silicon Mac (m1 or m2), and macOS 12 or 13. Users can run Pro Tools in Apple Silicon Native mode or under Rosetta 2 emulation, with no practical difference in performance.

Support for macOS 14 (Sonoma) will be added following the public release this Fall, although users are encouraged to hold off updating until Hush Pro is thoroughly tested on the new operating system.



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Issue 91