SAE alumni mixing and mentoring Young Adults with ASD

SAE Institute graduate Robbie Little has been changing lives of youngsters with Autism Spectrum Disorder through teaching studio and audio production.


1 December 2020

As a mentor at Brisbane’s ​Studio G,​ and through the support of ​Autism Queensland, Robbie helps teach a 10 week workshop program in a range of creative fields that covers mixing and setting up signal flow, to making music in Ableton software.

“It can be difficult to teach the complexities of audio and sound, so I made it easy to understand through a series of instructional videos I created,” Robbie said.

The program supports young adults with ASD during the transitional period from secondary school to further education or the workplace. Robbie was able to combine his work with Studio G and his assessment requirements at SAE to create a tutorial series as part of his major project during his Bachelor of Audio.

For Robbie, he believes he gets as much out of his work at Studio G as he gives. “I learn so much from the program. I’m there to offer my technical expertise, and also have a chat with those students who are taking part in the workshops – it’s a really rewarding experience.”

Prior to enrolling in the Bachelor of Audio at SAE, Robbie had commenced degrees in environmental engineering and IT science. Finding himself unfulfilled, Robbie turned to his passion to pursue a career in audio.

Executive General Manager of SAE Global, Matt Evans said it is inspiring to witness students not only finding their passion, but also giving back and helping others. “The work Robbie has done with Studio G is remarkable,” Matt said.

“​At SAE we see a lot of our students evolving their creative specialties to support the community in innovative ways. It is part of our vision to see SAE students developing rewarding careers in the creative industries.”



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