4 October 2016

presonus air series speakers

The new Presonus AIR-series active loudspeakers have hit the market, packaged in sedan-friendly birch enclosures. The family has three full-range speakers with woofer sizes varying from 10-inch, 12-inch, and 15-inch. A 500W Class D amp powers the LF driver, while the HF driver is fed by a 200W Class A/B amp. The two active subwoofers (15-inch and 18-inch) are powered with a 1200W Class D amplifier and feature an onboard variable low pass filter.

The boxes are loaded with presets to optimise the full-range speakers for FOH mains, monitors, music playback, or speech. Treble and bass controls give you a degree of tonal shaping capability. Location presets optimise performance for stand and bracket mounting, as well as flown installations. The AIR subs have DSP presets for normal FOH, as well as cardioid array configurations. You also get a polarity reverse and variable alignment delay.

More info:
Presonus: www.presonus.com
Australian Distributor: www.linkaudio.com.au


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