6 May 2014

Monitor V2 Small

When something is given a “major redesign” it’s only normal to assume the original was some kind of lemon. However, lots of other possibilities abound – a main component supplier might have gone bust for example. Heaven forbid, the company might have simply decided they can do it better. Crazy talk? Actually, PreSonus is constantly listening to customer feedback and regularly upgrades products. Presonus is now shipping the new Monitor Station V2, a completely revised design of its desktop studio-monitor control centre. Monitor Station V2 offers management of multiple audio sources and up to three sets of monitor speakers. Features include four stereo inputs, being two pairs of balanced 6.5mm TRS and one pair of unbalanced RCA Aux inputs that are gain control-managed with a source-select switch. A 3.5mm TRS unbalanced input is summed with the RCA Aux inputs. New to V2 is a S/PDIF stereo input supporting 44.1, 48, 88.2, and 96 kHz digital audio – a button switches between the Aux and S/PDIF inputs. If multiple monitoring isn’t really your thing, note that the V2 has four individual headphone outputs, each with a choice of two signal sources or the Aux. That might make the V2 temptingly dual purpose. Full specs at www.presonus.com

Monitor V2 rear small

Australian Distributor: National Audio Systems sales@nationalaudio.com.au


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