Issue 91

On Location: Audient iD22


15 July 2014


Location recordist, Matt Rogalsky purchase of an Audient iD22 has enabled him to pare down what he carries with him to site.

“For many situations I can now simply take the iD22 and my ASP008, and these ten analogue inputs are enough,” he explains. Matt loves to work in different spaces, taking the gear wherever it’s needed. “I was doing so much of this that I set up Memory Device. There’s no bricks and mortar studio, it’s all location recording. There are a lot of nice spaces in this city and it keeps things interesting working under varied conditions.

Matt’s also just finished producing a third album by Canadian duo, PS I Love You due for release at the end of July. “That was mostly done in a rather well-appointed studio, but one of my favourite songs on it was tracked in the band’s rehearsal space with my Audient set-up, and I doubt anyone would pick it out from the other eight songs on the album which were tracked with a vintage API board,” he laughs. The title song of the album For Those Who Stay plus three remixes is available free from Noisetrade.

“I was really happy to discover Audient,” he continues. “The iD22 is a great desktop controller in my mixing room, and works brilliantly with the eight-channel mic-preamp I got last year, giving me ten very portable channels of input. I set up with that configuration recently in a local artist collective house The Artel, to do two days of live sessions with musicians associated with the space. I often record shows there too, since they attract a lot of interesting bands touring across Canada – as well as local acts. I like the idea of creating an audio archive representing this ‘scene’.” Have a listen to a compilation of music from The Artel, available for free download.

As well as Memory Device, Matt’s busy as a sound artist – that is, an artist working with sound – doing electronic performances and gallery installations, his latest project being a piece for a festival at a museum in Portugal, with 24 channels of sound playing through unique loudspeakers constructed out of found objects.

And when he’s not doing that, he’s on faculty at Kingston-based Queen’s University teaching electroacoustic composition, sound recording and interdisciplinary collaboration and experimental performance.

Matt’s iD22 and ASP008 are working out very well for him. He’s thinking ahead though: “At some point I’d like to get an ASP880, particularly if they can be stacked via ADAT…” which (according to Audient) they can be.


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Issue 91