13 November 2015

ik multimedia irig acoustic

IK Multimedia has released iRig Acoustic for iOS and Android devices, bringing all the portability and fun of iRig products to acoustic guitarists. iRig Acoustic is a small plectrum-shaped microphone that clips onto the sound hole rim of an acoustic guitar. The omni capsule promises audio quality that’ll challenge the standard piezo pickup output that comes with most electro-acoustic guitars… nothing quite like capturing movement of real air.

The output is a TRRS mini-jack, which will plug straight into your iPad, iPhone or Android device, where you can record yourself or run your guitar through IK’s AmpliTube app for more tone-crafting options. Also on the cable is a 1/8” socket, so you can plug in your earphones and hear yourself.

ik multimedia irig acoustic

iRig Acoustic pairs up with the AmpliTube Acoustic app, which is included for free. The app is a tone studio designed specifically for acoustic guitarists. It packs a number of amplifiers, stompboxes and other goodies like a compressor, parametric and graphic EQs and a 12-string emulator. AmpliTube Acoustic also has a calibration process that analyses the sound of your acoustic guitar and automatically optimises the iRig microphone’s sound.

You can hear iRig Acoustic in action here:

More info:
IK Multimedia: www.ikmultimedia.com
Australian Distributor: www.sound-music.com


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