26 April 2013


IK Multimedia has released three new modules through its T-RackS Custom Shop. The concept is similar to IKM’s virtual store for buying extra bits for its AmpliTube guitar plug-in, except T-RackS is a mastering effects rack and you can purchase individual mastering components or entire suites. Everything is purchased via a “credits” system after you’ve bought a swag of these credits with real cash – it needs a little mental arithmetic to figure exactly how much these plug-ins are costing you. The new modules are the White Channel, which models the dynamics and EQ sections of “one of the most widely used large-format consoles in the studio world”, while the Bus Compressor emulates the sound of “the classic processor that was found on the master bus of a world-famous console.” Feel free to play the game of guessing what consoles IKM’s referring to here. Finally, the Tape Echo emulates the Echoplex EP 3. Also, an existing plug-in called the British Channel has been given a make-over to match the new White Channel – the original hardware was made by the same company. Once you download and install T-RackS CS Free which has two freebie plug-ins, everything else in the store works fully for 72 hours as a trial period. Check it out for yourself at www.ikmultimedia.com

AUSTRALIAN DISTRIBUTOR: Sound & Music www.sound-music.com


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