18 October 2013

Prism Sound dScope


Prism Sound has announced a package of new features for the dScope Series III audio analyzer system. The new software release will be available for download from the Prism Sound website in November 2013 and includes improvements to the easy-to-use check-box test automation system known as Auto Sequence, plus enhancements to sound card test capabilities. The Auto Sequence tool provides a simple way to setup and execute a series of tests and to produce reports in html and Microsoft Excel formats without having to write any code. This update provides an Edit Mode that makes sequence construction and adjustment faster so that automated production line tests can be set up using the design engineer’s test configurations as a starting point. Also included is a “tweak” feature that enables a single parameter adjustment to be applied to several test steps automatically. Finally for the Auto Sequence update, a new Dialog editor allows easy construction of pop-up forms for user interaction such as entering serial numbers. The new release of software adds the capability to support ASIO drivers along with WDM, enabling a wider range of professional as well as consumer audio soundcards and interfaces to be tested. Find out more about the dScope Series III at www.prismsound.com

Australian Distributor: CDA Professional Audio www.cda-proaudio.com


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