Behringer MS-5 Synth

The Behringer MS-5 is a faithful reproduction of the original “SH-5” circuit.


5 April 2024

The Behringer MS-5 is a faithful reproduction of the original “SH-5” circuit and it comes with 37 semi-weighted keys with velocity functionality allowing you to vary the intensity of a note with how hard or soft a key is pressed. Couple that with a purely analogue signal path and you’ll be pushing out fiery riffs perfect for that next sci-fi masterpiece.

The MS-5 comes equipped with two VCOs and LFOs that come with 4 switchable waveforms each plus an array of tone shaping options such as modulations pulse width, pitch, rate and delay time.

What made the original really great was its ring modulator and the MS-5 is no different. With the ring modulator you can create some unique sounding metallic and bell-like tones that add a lot of character to your riffs. The LFO controlled ring mod can be applied to VCOs 1 and 2 or any external source.

If true sound sculpting is your thing, then the MS-5 has got you covered. The signal mixer has five sliders to adjust noise, VCOs 1 and 2, Ring Modulation and even external signals. And if you want to go even more complex with your sound, the additional band pass filter can be used to adjust frequency, resonance and level throughout a sequence to add that extra magic.

The Behringer MS-5 truly delivers the goods which means you can have a powerful unique sounding in your collection that opens up so many possibilities.


Australis Music Group:

Website: Australis


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