MicroFreak Stellar Gets a Big Update

A bold and "quirky" synthesizer gets a serious update.


9 April 2024

Since its 2019 debut, the hugely popular MicroFreak has evolved exponentially, with special editions, numerous firmware updates, and brand new sound engines – now, MicroFreak Stellar combines all three in our biggest update yet.
With a bold & quirky new aesthetic inspired by all things space, this special little synth will launch with an exciting new firmware that introduces granular processing and sampling to the Freak ecosystem! The firmware will also be available as a free download for all MicroFreak users, while MicroFreak Stellar is a strictly limited-edition release.

New features for the MicroFreak Stellar Edition
New sampling engine: Manipulate and trigger recorded audio using MicroFreak.

Three new granular engines: Scan, Cloud, and Hit modes for Freaky granular exploration

New colour: MicroFreak Stellar is a classy all-gray, space-age style

New graphics: Cute custom graphics featuring rocket ships, space invaders, and more.


CMI Music and Audio: (03) 9315 2244

Website: cmi.com.au


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