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Behringer EDGE

Semi-modular analogue percussion synthesizer.


30 May 2023

EDGE is Behringer’s new semi-modular percussion synthesizer with 2 oscillators, multi-mode filter, dual 8-step sequencer and 16-voice poly chain. If you’ve been searching for the perfect companion to your Behringer CRAVE then the brand new EDGE provides all the tools you need to complete your synth setup and become a master beat-maker. The powerful, flexible analogue drum&bass machine  includes dual VCOs with a huge range of sounds, a dual 8-step sequencer with pitch and velocity controls.

Analogue Goodness

Great care has been taken in designing the EDGE to achieve new possibilities in sound creation by reviving timeless analogue designs and technologies. By taking a fresh and modern approach on classic circuits, the EDGE gives you the power to create super-tight percussive sounds to dark and moody bass lines.

Live Performance Beat Maker

Built to enhance the way you perform, the EDGE boasts a pure analogue signal path, dual VCOs with pulse and triangle waves, oscillator sync, and FM, plus a white/pink noise source for a huge range of sounds and timbres. Its dual 8-step sequencer with pitch and velocity controls can also provide you with a degree of control that will let you create any groove and rhythm you can imagine. If that wasn’t enough, the EDGE’s sequencer can go up to an astounding 10,000 BPM so you can turn your beats into mind-blowing waveforms that’ll surprise even the most hardcore synthwave fan out there.

Synthesizer Architecture

  • Number of voices: Monophonic
  • Type: Analogue
  • Oscillators: 2
  • VCF: 1 HP/LP 4-pole (-24dB/Oct) ladder filter
  • Envelope: 1 per VCO, 1 VCA decay, 1 VCF
  • Noise: White, pink


Behringer: behringer.com
Australian Distributor: australismusic.com.au

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