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Behringer Pro VS Mini

A scaled-down, faithful recreation of the Prophet VS, and a lot more.


1 August 2023

Behringer has released the Pro VS Mini, its portable, four-voice hybrid synthesizer. It features four vector morphing oscillators per voice, analog low-pass filter, 16-step sequencer and arpeggiator. The Pro VS Mini is an authentic reproduction of the original Prophet VS synth, but instead of a full-sized desktop keyboard synth, Behringer has shot it with a shrink ray at the same time as bringing it into the 21st century.

This introduces features such as 128 waveforms, an arpeggiator, vector-controlling joystick, and a handy OLED display so you can easily visualise the waveforms you’ve been modifying. The Pro VS Mini is also highly portable so now you can have a powerful, feature-rich, four-voice hybrid synth stowed in a backpack or gigbag, ready to go.

It’s Morphin’ Time
Being a vector synth, the Pro VS Mini has 4 oscillators which can be morphed and mixed using the joystick making for some pretty out-of-this-world sounds that would normally be harder to create on more traditional synths. With its 27 touch-sensitive keys, the Pro VS Mini also allows for maximum playability in a small form factor.

The Pro VS Mini has an easily programmable 16-step sequencer, studio-grade chorus, individual envelopes for filter, amplifier, and oscillator, as well as two LFOs that make it a versatile, powerful, and compact sound shaping machine.

Synthesizer Architecture:

  • 4 Voice
  • Hybrid architecture
  • 16 Vector oscillators
  • 2x LFO
  • Analog Low-Pass Filter
  • 3x Envelopes


  • MIDI In – 5-pin DIN / 16 channels
  • USB (MIDI) – USB-C
  • Headphones – 3.5 mm TRS, stereo, 5mW 32Ω maximum
  • Sync – Input and Output


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Issue 91