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AT's Christmas Stocking Fillers


12 December 2022

Armour GS10 Instrument Cable


10ft instrument cable.

Fender Pick Coasters


Guitar pick shaped drink coaster, multi-colour, 4-pack.

Hamilton Tripod Guitar Stand


Tripod guitar stand in black.

Guitar Strap


2-inch black poly strap.

Fender X Wrangler ‘Archive Space’ T-Shirt 


T-shirt, faded black, S-XXL. Free shipping.

Fender Custom Shop Baseball Hat


Black baseball cap. Free shipping.

Korg TM-60


Tuner and metronome.

Gravity SASMIF01 Monitor Speaker Feet


Isolating absorber pucks for loudspeakers x4.

Fenton RP115 Record Player


Record player with BT and vinyl briefcase.

Warwick RockCare Pro Kit


Professional guitar & bass maintenance tool set.

Let AT lighten the load with some stocking stuffing suggestions for the audio auteurs in your life.


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